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Louisiana Legacy Lawsuits

If you own land that has been contaminated by oil and gas operations, you may be entitled to damages against oil and gas companies who used your land. The terms of most oil and gas mineral leases require the oil companies to clean up your land, and you may have a cause of action if the oil companies you leased your property to failed to clean up your property. This environmental contamination is a hazard to the environment, your health, and can make your land worthless.

Louisiana Attorneys Handling Claims Against Big Oil Companies

The Louisiana law firm of Finch Davis is dedicated to helping you win against the big oil companies.

To prevail in these cases, you need an experienced attorney who has access to the right experts, as many times your outcome will hinge on how convincing your environmental expert is. We will assess the damage that has been done to your property and builds a strong case for you. 

If you suspect that a property you own has been contaminated by past oil and gas activity, you should consult an attorney immediately to assess your case. Click the button below to request a free case evaluation, or call our office at (225) 925-9368.

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